Friday, September 2, 2016



im half sad half excited.sad because my birthday month is over.however the months that ends in "BER" is here welcome means we only have three more months till chistmas.i still have a lot of reason to look forward to. august has been a busy month for me,my kids summer vacation,we went to kusatsu gunma,we celebrated my birthday,then we went to visit my husband relatives at nagano ken etc.after all the chaos and crazy schedules,aug past by fast for that the classes has started here the kids are at school i can now have my me time to write to my blog and share my august favorite so lets jump in.

1st is this shampoo and conditioner "aromachologie reparing duo" from L'OCCITANE l'occitane is known for its high quality product.i remember the first time i tried this product a few years was at one of the hotel that we are stayed in.i feel in love with the smell so relaxing and addicting the type of smell that make you look forward for your next bath lingers even until 3rd contains 5 essential oils all good for the hair loves the essential oil that contains in here everytime i use it my hair is more shiny and soft.doesnt make my scalp itchy or dry which is very important.both shampoo and conditioner has the same scent  i will repurchased it again i recommend l'occitane product its worth a try.

2nd is now my holy grail lavender hand cream from picky when it comes to hand cream some of them are just terribly greasy and doesnt do much on the a housewife im always washing things thats why my hands got easily dry and thirsty of moisture even in summer glad the sales clerk of loccitane shop in "tokyo sky tree tower" recommend this to me the last time i went there.she puts generous amount into my first i hesitate to rub my hands because of the amount that she puts in me.i thought my hands might gonna be sticky or gross.but then to my surprice it absorb quickly my thristy hand litterally drunk leaves my skin soft and smooth minus the oily for the price its a bit on a high side but as far as the performace goes it worth every works for me i love it so much. yes i will repurchase this again in the future.ow and one more thing i love about this hand cream is the smells wonderful the lavander scent that lingers into my hands makes me feel relax.i have one in my bed side table and one on my purse.

3rd on my fave.NARS ORGASM BLUSH i was looking for a perfect peachy pink blush.that will complement my tan skin (in summer) pale (in winter) ive tried a few high end blushes but doesnt fit my taste its either to pink or to orange for me.i watched youtube searching for the perfect peachy pink blush.i didnt know that nars orgasm is one of the famous blush recommend by the majority of make up users.i bought this a few months ago. lucky me that time nars is offering LIMITED ORGASM BLUSH  twice the size of the regular blush but same price.great timing right? its not the big size thats why its included on my aug fave tho.the main reason is i found the perfect peachy pink blush for not good on describing make up like other beauty guru out there.all i can say is i love this blush im using these ever since i bought go to blush im never get tired of using these.

4rt is this cutie three layered afternoon tea plate.i found this 50 percent on sale at ZARA HOME last months summer bargain.i love sale especialy fifty percent off and up.(who doesnt nways) back to the plate i always wanted a layared i can put my freshly baked homemade sweets.baking is one of my favorite thing to do. i dont know for me the food looks more delicious and inviting if you arrange them properly.i believe in saying "you eat with your eyes then the stomach" im sure im not alone in this raise your hands if you agree with me hehehh!!

 my layered plate in super happy i find this. indeed a good find.i baked the fruits pound and coffee cupcake,i made that sandwich as well.baking is one of my favorite thing to do on i have a layered plate to them to.what is your most favorite this august?

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