Thursday, September 22, 2016


i needed a new tissue holder for my bedside table.i got tired of my previous side table  setting.this saturday i decided to do little bedside table project.maybe this time i will make it simple and neat.after soshi soccer practice we went ahead to a nearby shopping mall they carry MUJI (japanese brand that sells wide variety of goods) we dont have a lot of time to stroll around we havent dinner yet.i went straight my way inside muji this acrylic cases.caught my attention exactly what im looking for i think this will fit into my new setting.
we're to hungry tongkatsu for dinner
coffee please
there is an ongoing festival just beside the mall.we came out to check out for some kiddie treats before we head back home.
good night saturday tommorow will be another busy soccer sunday.early in the morning practice.compitition in the afternoon then dinner with the whole team at night whewww!!!!! although we are busy for tomorrow the day after is a national holiday.we originally planned to go out of town to watch some dolphine show,unfortunately the weather is not cooperating with us.the news says from tomorrow night until next whole week will be rainy day i guess we will gonna do window shopping and let the kids play at indoor playground instead let see..
tadaa!!!as i expected its perfect for my bedside table its simple and neat.. i bought case for some of my make up stuff to this one is on top of my vanity table
hello monday yah!the weather news is correct its raining hard since last night.good thing we believe the weather news and cancelled our out of town trip.
kisses and good vibes from us.our itinerary for today is to window shoppin,let the kids play,visit my favorite macha cafe,then sushi for dinner before we go home.
family weekend is always the best weekend.what did you do last weekend?

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