Friday, August 12, 2016

Summer getaway Kusatsu,Gunma ken Part 1

its obon yasume here (festival of soul).although this is traditional festival not an officiall holiday but offices and business are closed. its time for us to go out of town yeheyyy!! remember  last spring holiday we didnt  had  a chance to go out of town..because of my eldest son soccer glad we made it this time.the kids are looking forward for this trip.they simply love everything here in kusatsu.the warm natural spring bath,the food,and the strool.
we were here since wednesday night.we travel at night if we have chance its less traffic than travelling at day.we step out of the house around 5:30 to 6:00pm
We had "SANO RAMEN" for dinner  Sano is famous for there ramen.everytime we are going to gunma we make sure to stopby Sano service area.
sano ramen

chocola soft serve.
After dinner we went straight to our destination without any delay thank god.we arrived around 10:45pm.
the kids are so tired of the long journey after we settle our things we got to bed and slept like a baby. On our first morning
what a pleasure waking up to this beautiful nature view.i quickly prepared breakky we start the day  early. the now just awake and energized kids want to swim (the moment they open there eyes) before i go with them i did a quick workout.dont forget a little exercise while on vacay (i motivate myself by having a to do list and paste it by the door and kitchen ref) try it guys it works wink
morning swim with the happy kids
Then karaoke after im surprice they still have energy left after two hours of swim.the kids had a blast at the karaoke room.two hours is not enought for them but we had to go to buy some fresh corn.
papa reading the lyrics while kyohei sings.
the best corn in the planet freshly harvest every morning  from the local farmer
We plan to eat nihon soba for dinner tonight  unfortunately our favorite sobaya that was close.We are to hungry to walk back to get the car so we decided to just eat at the first restaurant's we saw on the way.not further away we saw tongkatsu restaurant we are surprice how delish there tongkatsu was.i had tongkatsu dinner set included with rice tonjiru soup and pickled raddish,carrot,cucumber.we are so full we went back to condotel to hot bath and relax before we call it a night.tommorow is gonna be another busy day for us... family time is always a fun time.wait for part two of our kusatsu getaway

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