Friday, April 29, 2016

Samukawa Shrine Visit.

today we went to shimukawa shrine one of the old and prestigious shrine in offer our "HAPPO-YOKE" prayer's that are said to remove bad fortune and prevent negative energies from entering person's life.instead of going there by car we try to commute by train from tokyo shinkoiwa station jr took us 2 hours to reach
miyayama station 5minutes walk to the shrine.
lantern of the tori gate
the pond found right at the tori gate.
they said that if you visit the pond and walk the bridge upon entering the shrine it will bring you good fortune,and succes.we did visit the pond before entering and seat in the beach right next to the pond it was so calming and peaceful there.
temizuya the ritual before entering the shrine to purify your body and soul.
inside samukawa shrine.
"komainu"lion like creatures that guards the entrans and inner of the shrine.
look at this amazing hoi-ban compass for happo-yoke guardians for protection of 8direction of the compass.
i saw one of the kannushi coming out from the main worship hall.kannushi "god master"is the person responsible for the maintenance of the shrine as well as leading the worship.
EMA wishing wooden plate for 500yen.
someone is loving the shrine this time its almost 1:30pm we feel super hungry so after we recieve our renewed "ofuda" and kiddos "omamori"
we leave the shrine to look for some good restaurant that serve sushi.(because we love raw fish)
lunch is served so good fresh sushi.till next year samukawa shrine...

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weekend getaway: Team Otani goes to HAKONE JAPAN,

its weekend so to hakone we go.hakone is 2hours far from tokyo by car(without traffic) and an hour and a half by densya(train) we leave the house 6:00 in the morning.we only have a day to explore we dont want to waste out time stucking into traffic.since its still so early in the morning we dont have appetite Yet to eat proper brekky hubby bought freshly baked bread instead. so that the kids can eat in the car.
We made it into our destination around 9:30am yahoooo!!!

But feel dismay the moment i saw this sign
Its say no video and photography allowed inside this hotel.huwaaatttttt??????? Pano na Ng post ko????? May hotel palang ganon??? i ask there staff why picture taking is not allowed inside?i mean hakone is a tourist spot? Pano na mga tourist na gusto I document by pictures about there trip? She politely answers me na there priority is to there customers to feel as relax a possible and maaachieve lang nila un sa quit environment.(dapat pala sa sementeryo sila CHOS lang po un)nway dahil matigas ang ulo ko ng burberry lite.
Tadaaaa!!!sorry pix ng hallway way in front of our rented room ang nakunan.but there you are its up to you to imagine ang kabuuan ng hotel.
the highlight of our trip today was this was relaxing to listen to the sound of flowing water from the river

Share din daw sya ng view nya.(pagbigyan na even my dungaw pose ginaya na)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Beauty of Cherry Blossoms At Night

its aprilll the long cold and freezing winter season is saying goodbyee to us.(the cold does bothers me anyway)but before mag summer!enjoy muna natin ang spring
my favorite pag sinabing spring eh!bida ang bet na bet ng lahat cherry blossoms viewing(hanami) hanami is a long time japanese tradition of welcoming spring.people gather under blooming cherry blossoms for food,drinks and chikahan galore while admiring the beauty of(sakura)cherry blossoms.this year my boy's and i decided to went for a nightime hanami viewing 'YOZAKURA' is what they called it.
look how pretty cherry blossoms are all lit up for a night viewer.
we went at ROPONGGI MIDTOWN TOKYO i believe tokyo midtown has some 105 trees of the the somei yoshino and other varieties also commands a view of the 44cherry trees.the blossoms on sakura-dore street are illuminated at night for a romantic view in the heart of tokyo.lakas maka romantic i feel it wink!!!
bz ang crowd sa selfie including the lady on a big hat sa likod.i think she's having a hard time taking her selfie in the dimlight
after a couple of hours walking and picture taking the kiddos were hungry so we decided to eat dinner inside midtown.
tongkatsu teshoku for so good.after a filling dinner its time for some dissert
we bought macarons for take out so that we can enjoy this yummyness under the cherry blossoms tree.yes gorabels sa labas to take more photos and to enjoy our macaron while sitting on a bench