Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Happy Mom July Favorites

so here we are at the end of the second half of the year.i cant believe how time flawn by super super fast.before we know it we will soon talking about coming christmas. but before that i would like to share with you my july favorite.
as you know its already summer here.and japan is freakin hot and humid during this times the temperature is pushing 40 degree.all you want is to always feel fresh.especially your make up right.thats why this cushion foundation.from lancome hits my number one spot."lancome blanc expert cushion"
it has a distinct cooling sensation when you applied it on to your face.its feels so good especially on a seriously hot it gives me a natural dewy glow not to matte and not to oily.which is  what i am looking for a is  light to medium coverage.just perfect to cover up my inperfections.i reapply this anytime i want to freshen up my makeup.the case is compact i just throw it in to my pouch and carry out with me whenever im out and about.
now on my next favorite item this month.(drum roll) SEA BREEZE deo water  from sheseido my husband introduce this to me.his a seabreeze fan also for 30 years now.(sya na ang loyal)
 as i mentioned above japan summer is freakin hot and the point that anytime where you just want to jump into the shower and stay there for an hour. however you only feel fresh and good for about 10 minutes after you step out of the shower room.yah thats how hot  here.and then you will began to feel sweaty again.what i love about seabreeze is it has menthol on it. that gives me  instant icy cool feeling.whenever i feel  sweaty i just shake up the bottle pop off the lid and pated it on to my arms back and neck.(cannot be use on the face)it has some sort of powder or micro powder to help you keep your skin dry.i recommend this to my fellow bz mom's and anyone who always on the go and wanted some quick freshen up.
on to my third loved item  is from "LUSH" called  DREAM CREAM
i bought this product about two weeks ago because i noticed that i had some dry patches in my arms and legs.and sometimes its itches,i thought its because summer i can skip the moisturizer or body lotion,as much i love lavishing moisturizing lotion in the winter time.i hate using it in the hot month.i cant stand to feel "urgh" if you know what i mean.i didnt realised that  the hotter the wheather  is the longer we staying indoors with  our trusty AC right?synthetic cold air from airconditioner  dries out our skin badly.i finally realised that its crucial to moisturized  skin atleast at night even in the warmer month.the calming blend of oat milk,lavender and chamomile works to calm my dry and troubled skin.the smell is devine without over powering doesnt feel greasy its easily absorbed into the skin.a little goes a long way i think this one pot will last me until autumn.i highly recommend this product to those who have sensitive and troubled skin like i summer night must have....
i mention above about  dry skin it is important  to take care of  our body not just from the outside but also from the inside. my goal is to keep my skin on its good condition.lately this tea from cape of good hope south africa is  gaining so much popularity here in japan.its called "ROOIBOS TEA"or red bushtea. tea lover "me" to the google i go and found that rooibos tea or redbush tea has 50times more antioxidants than grean tea.this antioxidant are known to thwart free radicals in the body.that can damage cells and cause cancer.also rich in vitamin C low in tannis and may ease digestive problems.mostly japanese women (now including me) drink this tea for its positive effect on the skin and hair.because healthy skin start from within this tea is great way to improve the skin in a natural way.rooibos tea is rich in alpha hydroxy acid and zinc both of these nutrients are great for the skin.great thing about this tea its  caffeine  free you can  drink limitless i drink two litters of cold  rooibos tea everyday.i put four tea pack in two litters of water before i go to sleep in the evening.and consume it the next day first thing in morning .rooibos tea is delicious and refreshing two litters of water last me only half day.i feel a drastic changes on my skin it was more plumpier more radiant and soft.rooibos tea is one of my favorite and definitely a summer must have...btw mine is from ITO EN

you do have a favorite and summer must have??

Sunday, July 10, 2016


my two son`s were out for there sleepover events last eldest on his best friends birthday sleepover party. while  my youngest was on his kindergarden summer event which is sleepover and doing some fun things with his classmates.his so excited for his new experience kyohei told me they were divided in two groups.giraffe group and sunflower group.his on giraffe group they were assign to buy groceries. there gone until tommorow morning so it means me and my darling husband has all the time in the world for our own event to right. yahoooo.its was raining since dawn we are so lucky that the rain had stop by the afternoon the wheather loves us to.
my husband plan this date night he likes it to be like a boyfriend and girlfriend type of date. (kilig) we watch movie (independence day) its been a while since we watched movie together alone (excited).unfortunately we stuck into traffic we made it in time before the movie had started but its already dark inside i cant toke a selfie of us.but you know me.i manage to toke photo of my popcorn.
                                                                                                                                                                                        after movie we went straight ahead to the restaurant that my husband got our dinner reservation.ahh! he  never fails to amaze me i fell inlove with the place.its a small french restaurant called 'restaurant vive le soleil'located on a wedding village called 'wedding anniversaire'at tokyo has a few boutique's all wedding gown's and wedding necessities and small church for a wedding ceremony venue.
we had six course meal with complementary bread flow and two glasses of your beverage of choice.of course red wine for me hubby cant drink alcohol cause he has to drive home after safety first right.he had ginger ale instead cheers!!!!

first they serve us raw ham it was divine.
followed by second appetizer crab in mooselin ( i hope i got it right the menu was written in nihonngo)  in passion fruits sauce
 soup of the day after which is "green asparagus creame cold soup" they serve cold soup in summer
i love how creamy and rich this soup was you definitely taste the green asparagus.followed by fresh fish poare (again im not sure if poare was right)  with crunchy potato strips thats been deep fried sitting on top
main dish is served grilled beef with foie gras. no word can discribe how much i feel about this dish all i can say is "deliciousssss"i can eat this even until zombie apocalypse arrived
everything they served from appitizer to main dish were truely amazing.we will definitely coming back here in our future date.and now for the dissert
teramizu for him caramel choco berry for mine.serve with coffee or tea. our dining experience was memorable i will recommend this restaurant for a romantic date with hubby or boyfriend. all the staff was nice and efficient to...five thumbs up "vive le soleil"
after another few kilig chikahan with my love. we went out for a short stroll on a nearby park just a few minutes away from the restaurant "tokyo linkai coen"
selfie before we end up the night thank you for this date my love another one for the happiness book...