Thursday, August 18, 2016


birthday message plate thank's to my boy's
its my  birthday  today yeheyyy!!! its official im 20 heheheh!!just kidding seriously im two short years away from thankfull to the lord  for giving me such a wonderfull and healthy life for giving me an amazing man to spend my life with.and for my two lovely boy's i couldnt ask for more .is it just me or time went by faster?its just that i have a lot of things that i want to do but a day is not it a sign that  im getting older? see theres a saying "the older you get the faster time goes" awww!! but neh!! im not afraid of getting older i actually adore's women who gets older gracefully.
i will share one of my favorite qoute.
 and the older you gets the wiser you become.welcome 38 me im ready for yah......
we celebrated my birthday a day ahead.last month my darling hubby ask me what i want for my birthday this year i told him  i want a new  purse because i thought i want to.yesterday we went to louisvuitton boutique at tokyo ginza.all of the bag was lovely LOCKME II  caught my eye at first then i realized i have celine luggage tote similar boxi shape hand bag as lockme was only with a strap.i love my celine tote so much i thought why getting a new bag similar to the one that you already own and love.hubby noticed that im not the usuall excited mode.he said dont force yourself if you are not 100 percent sure that your gonna love what you are getting.yah!i thought i give my self a time to dicide.we walk around ginza went inside matsuya department store i recall the new Burberry full kisses lipstick.that i saw on youtube went ahead to check them out guess what?awww they are so lovely and creamy they say it will last until eight hours of wearing.i ended up getting two now im excited... ( i will include the price of all the item that i got for my birthday for  those whos concidering to buy the same item  "not bragging here")

3,400 yen a burberry cosmetics counter. i love there boxes so sturdy
full kisses in English Rose 529 Rose and Apricot 521 i choose day time wearable color
i spent a couple of hours hours window shopping and swatching lippies and blush on at the cosmetics area.the boys has nothing to do with the makeup thingy so they are sitting somewhere playing there  DS good boy's .its not only hot today but humid as well the kids wanted some cold treat we havent try "la maison du chocolat"yet so went ahead and tried it.
honestly i forget the exact name of this chocolate drink .but im sure about how delicious it was..
caramel and vanilla ice cream.richiest caramel ice cream ive ever ate.
worth every penny.
as for the new purse i  finally have a not getting one this time maybe next time or when i got tired of my previously own purse.i realized im quite happy now on my collection.well they are releasing new bag eveyyear theres no reason to buy now half  hearted right.

 we pass by chanel boutique on our way to the la maison du chocolat cafe.i thought instead of purse i want a new wallet. ive been using the same wallet (louisvuitton sara wallet)for the past nine years now.for me wallet doesnt have to switch all the time unlike bags.and its my birthday i dont want to go home empty handed wink!!!
a happy birthday girl...
122,040 yen at chanel boutique 
"caviar black leather wallet in gold hardware"i always choose dark color for wallet. for it wont easily get dirty my old louisvuitton last for nine years and still in good condition.i hope this will last me a long time also.. let see
i also got my dream headphone ive been eyeing this for a while now.this headphone actually is on my christmas wish list.he was surprice when i told him i want a nose cancelling headphone he had no idea that i have sudden interest about headphones.he knows i listen to audible and podcast a lot tho.he was like seriously to me? lucky me he said ok! yes its your birthday (yatta) he got me the most recent release the QC 35.
39,960 yen tax included.for a headphone its expensive but tottally worth the money.

after we done shopping we went ahead to odaiba for my birthday dinner.remember last july my husband and i went for a dinner date at vive le soleil in odaiba?we both enjoyed our dining experience.i want to experience it again this time with the kids.lucky us vive le soleil  accepting kids they also has kids menu.mostly fancy restaurant specially around odaiba,ginza or roppongi did'nt accepting kids during dinner time.we still have an hour and a half to spare to roam around .

i treat  my boys  a ride to giant ferris wheel because they are good boy's while mama is shopping.

both hubby and my eldest son have  a fear of hieghts,my youngest trying to join them pretending he's afraid to!!you look silly kyohei hahaha!
view from the top odaiba skyline

we are having six course meal.
looking so grown glad i teach him how to use knife and fork.
thank you my boy's for the lovely birthday dinner.
thank you for always makes me feel like a queen
my greatest gift..
we  are so full we can't even breath. the kids loves there food from soup to main dish to freshly baked bread im greatfull to the staff of vive le soleil for constantly checking our table for the boys love's there bread and butter so much .i had a fantastic  and memorable birthday with the love of my life. i feel there effort to make me feel  extra happy on my birthday.its ok boy's just staring  at the  three of you makes me feel happy and contented whether its my birthday or not.god gave me what every women could ever dreamed of "a wonderfull husband and wonderfull child" i couldn't ask for more.

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