Monday, September 12, 2016


                                   HELLO  GUY'S  HAPPY WEEKEND 

we start our weekend morning hanging out at my son soccer practice.they are preparing for next big soccer ligue which will happen three weeks from now.its gonna be busy month for them and for us parents.


mostly soccer practise last until afternoon however for some reason the field that they are sopposed to play that afternoon was not available.i heard that there was misunderstanding about the date  between the coach and the venue master.well sometimes it happen.didnt they?so we went home for some lunch.then i quick clean the kitchen before i get ready for myself because we are going out for dinner tonight "yahoo i love you saturday" hubby loves to discover new restaurant everytime he saw a restaurant recommendation whether on tv or magazine he search it to internet.his current new found a newly open newyork inspired steak house in shinagawa called "casual steak house rib"

here we are now at the front of the first impression is althought it say's casual it also has a simi class ambience with more relax vibes.good for families likes us with young kids.the light inside is very dim i noticed some dating couples to.

the waiter leds us to our table offer us water and handed over the menu.

buffalo wings with fresh celery and veggie dip.
garden salad with select farm-fresh veggie .i super super love there dressing.
bead with olive oil to dip. the bread is eat all you can.there is one staff rounding with a basket of warm bread
beef cheeks on red wine sauce with mushed potato.the meat is so tender.its to die for
special hamburger steak for the kids.
the house recommended  special  combo plate "three prime meat" grilled chicken,pork,beef. with my choice of sauce "mushroom and cream sauce" grilled meat with mushroom sauce wsa devine pair for my red wine

as a complete grilled restaurant "casual steak house rib" is a keeper we walk out of this place with a full tummy and a happy face.hubby found a new gem in shinagawa two thumbs up for you pa.the price is not that high to "except the raw ham"which is skip to order the food and wine selection was great. the service is quick the waiters are all efficient and friendly to us.i well recomment this restaurant to all of my friends.its raining outside when we got out. my stolling around shinagawa or maybe sit in one of the open cafe after dinner plan was ruined.with the lack of things to do we decided to just go home and call it a night.hubby toke the longer route on our way home.what can i say hubby know's me very well

view of our way home.good night
the kids at the BON-ODORI FESTIVAL festival here in japan basically everyone can participate and dance my kids were shy tho.
mikoshi a devine palanquin followers believe that it serves as the vehicle to transport a deity in japan while moving between main shrine and temporary shrine during festival.
mizu ame (water candy)
we only there for about an hour we had to go home early for tommorow is another manic monday.lets do it link

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