Saturday, August 6, 2016

Aquarium visit Day,my youngest is jealous

  hubby and my eldest son (soshi)went out of town for there summer soccer training youngest is so (kyohei) jealous of his big brother.his to little yet  to go to the summer camp.he was so sad so i decided to treat him to  aquarium visit.lucky us we leave near to the sumida aquarium  at tokyo skytree.just four station away by densia (train)today is  saturday im sure its gonna be lot of people  we went there early this that we can enjoy looking for fishes before it gets to crowded.

at the oshiage station
kyohei version of wacky face
     noo dull moment with this little guy
we had light breakky before we went ahead to the aquarium.
sunshiny day to hot its melting here.jezz its only 10:30am
we spotted mist fan everywhere to ease the heat a bit.
lets go inside shall we

jelly lab

shes talking to kyohei she said that shes counting the baby jelly its so tiny and translucent you have to look closer,
hermit crab,sea cucumber,horseshoe crab
stone fish,red lion fish,weedy scorpionfish,tomato clownfish
spotted green pufferfish so cute
someone is enjoying so far

we found DORI
his happy

were lucky they having a festival this summer(didnt know about it) for a limited time "edo goldfish wonderland" with lanterns and one thousand unusual goldfish.coolll
hotdogs and refreshment break for my baby,there is a cafe inside  "this little boys has a big stomach"
time well spend at the aquarium today.we had a lovely time together im glad my kyohei forgot about his jealosy.his now back on his normal mood and looking forward for his kuya to come home on monday so he can brag about his aquarium visit.tsk tsk tsk kiddos....

souvenir shop at the exit
we eat lunch at solamachi before we go back home its already 2:00pm im starving..
i bought ready to eat meal for tonights dinner
before i  end up of my blog today i just want to share my favorite qoute
true indeed

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