Sunday, August 14, 2016

Summer getaway Kusatsu Gunma ken part 2

Rise and is the second day of our kusatsu getaway.the wheather is cloudy the temperature is 26'C perfect for walking.todays sched is to stroll around yubatake(hot water field)everytime we are here we dont missed to visit yubatake.always having a good time looking for souviners And shops.sipping tea on one of there cafe's my husband And i love to try different cafe's and restaurant everytime we are visiting here.we had a lot of hits and misses but always having new memories. yubatake Has a lot of free unlimited spring hot bath houses around.I always have my towel ready with me just in case the boys want to quick dip into one of the free bath houses.the condotel that we are staying is about half an hour away by walking.ofcourse i hit the gym first before i got ready for todays stroll.

spring hot bath house

"ashiyu" onsen for the feet best for tired and soar feet
its say this way to yubatake ok! follow you're lead son

the boy's enjoying sightseeing while playing pokemon go

ashiyu bigger than the one we dipped in this place is always crowded

"jinrikisha" japanese rickshaw ride in one of this to make your tour more memorable
we've got a  bit tired and hungry yah!belly is calling our attention we look for cafe..
this cafe is just infront of yubatake.they served freshly oven baked mini pizza cakes and refreshments
i orderd chocolate cake hot tea set.(thank you my love for pouring my tea for me)
we ate and rest for a bit then we proceed for more stroll and shop sightseeing.the cakes was not as good as we expected but the tea was wonderfull.hubby said his ice coffee was good to.
hot spring specialty "onsen manju" for take home

(ramone) japanese carbonated softdrink

fresh coffee sign board calling me i feel like im tired again (kyohei's to much coffee is not good for you look) ok! ok!
we went for soft serve instead now then everyone is happy.we love this honey specialty shop they also offerd  soft serve drizzle with honey on top.i want mine simple though
hubby love
we went back at the condotel after we got tired.the kids are exhausted they nap the moment they hit the pillow. we learned our lesson from the previous day so we call ahead and made a dinner reservation this time.we went at TAMURA there especialty is freshwater eel.they served fresh unagi it taste excellent.we well definitely coming back.i ate lot i cant even breath

unagi "unaju"

we lit fireworks with the kids after dinner it was so fun.then i let them swim for a bit was so memorable for us and for the kids.we have to sleep early for tommorow will be our last day we have to check out around 10:00am
foggy morning ah! im not getting tired of this view
my husband and i clean a bit before we leave.special thanks to my generous sister in law and her husband for always letting us stay at there so blessed having them in my life....

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