Friday, April 29, 2016

Samukawa Shrine Visit.

today we went to shimukawa shrine one of the old and prestigious shrine in offer our "HAPPO-YOKE" prayer's that are said to remove bad fortune and prevent negative energies from entering person's life.instead of going there by car we try to commute by train from tokyo shinkoiwa station jr took us 2 hours to reach
miyayama station 5minutes walk to the shrine.
lantern of the tori gate
the pond found right at the tori gate.
they said that if you visit the pond and walk the bridge upon entering the shrine it will bring you good fortune,and succes.we did visit the pond before entering and seat in the beach right next to the pond it was so calming and peaceful there.
temizuya the ritual before entering the shrine to purify your body and soul.
inside samukawa shrine.
"komainu"lion like creatures that guards the entrans and inner of the shrine.
look at this amazing hoi-ban compass for happo-yoke guardians for protection of 8direction of the compass.
i saw one of the kannushi coming out from the main worship hall.kannushi "god master"is the person responsible for the maintenance of the shrine as well as leading the worship.
EMA wishing wooden plate for 500yen.
someone is loving the shrine this time its almost 1:30pm we feel super hungry so after we recieve our renewed "ofuda" and kiddos "omamori"
we leave the shrine to look for some good restaurant that serve sushi.(because we love raw fish)
lunch is served so good fresh sushi.till next year samukawa shrine...

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