Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weekend getaway: Team Otani goes to HAKONE JAPAN,

its weekend so to hakone we go.hakone is 2hours far from tokyo by car(without traffic) and an hour and a half by densya(train) we leave the house 6:00 in the morning.we only have a day to explore we dont want to waste out time stucking into traffic.since its still so early in the morning we dont have appetite Yet to eat proper brekky hubby bought freshly baked bread instead. so that the kids can eat in the car.
We made it into our destination around 9:30am yahoooo!!!

But feel dismay the moment i saw this sign
Its say no video and photography allowed inside this hotel.huwaaatttttt??????? Pano na Ng post ko????? May hotel palang ganon??? i ask there staff why picture taking is not allowed inside?i mean hakone is a tourist spot? Pano na mga tourist na gusto I document by pictures about there trip? She politely answers me na there priority is to there customers to feel as relax a possible and maaachieve lang nila un sa quit environment.(dapat pala sa sementeryo sila CHOS lang po un)nway dahil matigas ang ulo ko ng burberry lite.
Tadaaaa!!!sorry pix ng hallway way in front of our rented room ang nakunan.but there you are its up to you to imagine ang kabuuan ng hotel.
the highlight of our trip today was this was relaxing to listen to the sound of flowing water from the river

Share din daw sya ng view nya.(pagbigyan na even my dungaw pose ginaya na)
photo that i took from my window.(bawal sa loob eh! Sa labas ng bintana.para paraan)we hot bath and then we slept for a good 2 hours,now that na energies na kmi its time to go out and find a good japanese restaurant that serves sea foods request ng mga kiddos
Hakone has alot of good restaurants hubby choice to dine here.he said he saw this restaurant on a hotel and restaurant recommendation pamphlet rank as number 4.
Im glad we did they serve fresh raw seafoods one of the most freshest raw seafoods i ever ate.if you happen to visit hakone check this restaurant out the best!!!after we ate time to gala gala na and maybe buy some pasalubong for family and friends in tokyo
i spotted this beautiful store that sells RUSK bread I bought 2packs for myself.
Qafter that we finally headed to HAKONE JINJA(shrine)
Passing through the tori gate.
"Temizuya or water pavilion consisting of a water basin and ladles is not a place to drink.water is there to perform 'misogi'a ritual to purity body and mind. Washing your hands with the idea of washing away impurities in your heart.(daming orasyon ah)
Adorable three doing the ritual.after that we proceed to the altar this is where they clap there hands twice bow once to pray after they throw "saisen" coin. Naaamuuuu!!!!!.
Onegaishimasu!!!!!me and my son doing the stolen shot daw kuno pose
We are looking at'EMA'or wooden wishing japanese plaques.(Wishing wishing the wish that we wish) hahaha!!! Gulo
Heading out from the shrine.
Torii of hakone jinja lake ashi!(ilove this man)We had a wonderful experience here in hakone the kids enjoyed every place that we've visit here.we surely come again in the future.but before we said goodbyee!ang magugutoming team otani ay kelangan nanaman mag charge.not far from the shrine we saw a stylish bakery+cafe that serves freshly baked bread tea and coffee called bakary&table
Enjoying tea time overlooking hakone lake.we had a wonderful time hakone is now one of my favorite place to what's your favorite place to go with your family?PP(pahabol pix)beautiful scenery.on our way back to tokyo

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