Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Beauty of Cherry Blossoms At Night

its aprilll the long cold and freezing winter season is saying goodbyee to us.(the cold does bothers me anyway)but before mag summer!enjoy muna natin ang spring
my favorite pag sinabing spring eh!bida ang bet na bet ng lahat cherry blossoms viewing(hanami) hanami is a long time japanese tradition of welcoming spring.people gather under blooming cherry blossoms for food,drinks and chikahan galore while admiring the beauty of(sakura)cherry blossoms.this year my boy's and i decided to went for a nightime hanami viewing 'YOZAKURA' is what they called it.
look how pretty cherry blossoms are all lit up for a night viewer.
we went at ROPONGGI MIDTOWN TOKYO i believe tokyo midtown has some 105 trees of the the somei yoshino and other varieties also commands a view of the 44cherry trees.the blossoms on sakura-dore street are illuminated at night for a romantic view in the heart of tokyo.lakas maka romantic i feel it wink!!!
bz ang crowd sa selfie including the lady on a big hat sa likod.i think she's having a hard time taking her selfie in the dimlight
after a couple of hours walking and picture taking the kiddos were hungry so we decided to eat dinner inside midtown.
tongkatsu teshoku for so good.after a filling dinner its time for some dissert
we bought macarons for take out so that we can enjoy this yummyness under the cherry blossoms tree.yes gorabels sa labas to take more photos and to enjoy our macaron while sitting on a bench
Last photo from the sakura dori it's getting late na for the kids looking forward next year's yozakura festival
Heading for the parking lot
And were out. We had a lovely experience.
Spotted Tokyo tower on our way back home...PV(pahabol video)

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