Friday, May 6, 2016

Walking around Kagurazaka Tokyo

normally by this time of the year we are spending golden week holiday at kusatsu gumna ken,unfortunately due to my son's tight soccer competition schedule,and we we're in the middle of little DIY project at our home.(i miss hot spring,the stroll and the good food at kusatsu)but we have to cancel the short vacay to gumna this year.then spend the last day of holiday strolling around tokyo instead.the good side of it is we dont have to worry about getting stuck into massive holiday traffic.see lets practice to appreciate the bright side of any situation right.we never have been to kagurazaka before although ive been hearing a lot of good rave about this place we never had a chance to Visit.we are lucky the wheather is good today The temperature is warm almost hot actually.well i guess today is the perfect timing for a lovely walk.we are looking forward for kagurazaki experience.
First stop for some refreshment and quick bites to keep our energy for a lot of walking.
kagurazaka has a lot of traditional restaurant's coffee shop's shop's and bar's we had a lot of fun getting lost in the alley
finding way out of the alley we saw this cafe with a long queue of waiting costumer to be seated.we feel the need to stop and try this cafe out of curiousity
this cafe is called Cafe-Creperie Le Bretagne
that serve up authentic Brittany-style crepes made from glad we did try they serve the most delish crepes.after we finish that lovely crepes we are now fueled up and ready to continue our walk.eventually we found our way to the temple of Zenkoku-ji buddhist temple or more locally known as Bishamonten gate.
namuuuu!!!happy kids found game center. we let them play for a bit as a reward to for walking with us without any complains.good boy's im the luckiest mom
.after the kids play we walked again
we are now hungry and looking for a place to have lunch.we found this chic french restaurant that serve lunch course.but unfortunately there last order is 2:30 pm were 15 minutes late to much of strolling ha!
maybe next time ill make sure to be here the way we decided to eat here
the food is not as good as we expected not bad sure theres a lot of good restaurants in the area that serves great food with more reasonable i told earlier "next time" we surely coming back here.kagurazaka is now one on my list of favorite place to visit just to enjoy walking,strolling and eating (ano pa ba) you do you have your own list of favorite things to do?and place to visit? with your family?

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