Saturday, November 5, 2016

kamogawa sea world

its been ages since the last time i had a chance to seat and wrote on my blog.i've been so busy at school events and nursing myself after that .i've been suffered from high fever for over a week.i feel so weak and zero appetite my physician told me that maybe because of over fatique and or changing season from summer to now early autumn my body cant coped from still hot day and all of a sudden  chilly night.well im ok now i regained my straight im back with my normal body builder appetite (according to my hubby) moving on to my long over due post
we visit " kamogawa sea world" a month and half ago end of summer to watch there famous (shamu) killer whale show.its my youngest first time to see big whale. so we wanted it to be memorable for him.its only two hours drive from tokyo to kamogawa yet we intentionally waited  until late summer because kamogawa is famous to  surfers to in short we avoiding traffic
the kids had so much fun watching the killer whale show they keep on saying owww!!! and laugh so hard everytime the whale is making big splash of water into the audience.we also watch dolphine show and sea lion show after that. i wanted to watch beluga show before we got inside the aquarium to see the small fishes and look for everyone's favorite "nemo" however the kids wants to watch shamu show once again,and so we did hayy!! well kids day there're the boss right.around two pm when we step out of sea world to find restaurants to have our late lunch we are so hungry all the fishes in the aquarium looks like sushi in the plate heheh!!and because we are just beside of the sea there are a lot of sushi restaurants around.we choose this restaurant due to the local folks glad we asked them they had the freshiest yummiest raw fish ever.we had a memorable weekend kamogawa you've been good to us till next time......

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