Monday, November 21, 2016

Double Celebration

november 15 is shichi-go-san a day of prayer for the healthy growth of young children sichi-go-sang litterally means seven,five,three in most region around the country boys and girls aged three,boys aged five and girls aged seven visit a shrine with their parents to pray.however november 15 hits regular work day (tuesday) we decided to adjust kyohei's sichi-go-sang this weekend so we can  celebrate hubby's birthday as well which is yesterday november 19.double celebration double the fun and memories with less cost right
we made a reservation to a photography studio to capture kyohei's special day,as we did when my eldest celebrates his day when they are old enough to apreciate we want them to look at there childhood photos,family photos and remember us always even if we are gone or living somewhere who know's.
 photo shoot was fun kyohei enjoyed every minute of i think we have a future model (heheh) his so relax and all the way smiling some little kids hated photography studio because the staff will arranging there pose if they they moved a bit the staff will rearrange it again that was so annoying for some kids.kyohei has no problem with that such a good boy despite of some minor delay around 11:am the studio went busy full of  family like us with there child it took  time for them to  finish everything. the things not went out as we expected  we planned to visit the shrine to pray before we went ahead to the restaurant however because of  delay that i mentioned above.we had no time hubby took a 2:00pm lunch reseravtion a week ago at keio plaza hotel tokyo we have to drive straight ahead to the hotel lucky us the traffic was smooth we made it 15 minutes before two in the afternoon wheew''' that was close.
as always 'glass court restaurant' at keio plaza never failed to impress us the foods and sweets are always yummers.the selection of food is great as well thumbs thumbs up!!the food lover team otani ate so much we cant even that we are full  time to offer pray lets go to the shrine before the sun goes down..
sorry  picture was not clear i only screen shot the first four photos inside the studio parents can only take video  no self photo or selfie  allowed thats there policies totally understandable they sell photo

happy birthday my love

sichi-go-sang omedeto my love

all time fave

no dull moment with kyohei

you are handsome my love


today was indeed a happy and memorable day to all of us.the kids told us that they are happy to.if the children were happy the parents are happy to.another one for the book  -team otani

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