Sunday, October 9, 2016

Kyohei's Pre-School Sports Festival "UNDOUKAI"

the moment that we are (parents living in japan)waiting for in autumn has come "sports festival" yeyyy. its every parents joy to see there children happily and productively participating in school activities like  sports festival (undoukai)teachers and children puts alot of effort for preparation just for today's event they practice everyday for almost three weeks before.infact kyohie is dancing even at home maybe he doesnt want to forget what his teacher tought him thats how eager he was.watching him seriously following his fellow pre scholer the dance step makes mama  proud and teary eyes (oya baka de sumimasen toink) you see some  pre school kids get easily overwhelmed by the crawd  they become so shy or cried in the middle of the field.i dont experience that with my boy's
the color of there cap is separated in two colors white cap means white team,red cap is red team kyohie is on the red team "gambareee"
marching with his classmates

the program start from "encho sensie" speech followed by this years graduating kids"giraffe section' they act as representatative of all fellow classmates

kids first performance "sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana" im amazed about there team work

third and one of kyohei's favorite dance performance look how happy he was."abura ham"
kyohei at his first race the game rule is they have to pass the obstacle and be the first one get the tire and  pull it to the end of   the finish line.

kyohei doing his best to pull that  heavy tire to finish so amazed on how competitive they are on there age.
                                         kyohei in the middle "foot race" ready steady gowww.... for some reason im having a hard time to save this race video from my dlsr ill post it when hubby finish to fix it grrr..
kuya congratulating him good job kyohei.
"suran suran" these performance was suppose to be the finally of today's event however if you noticed on some of the pictures above there are people carrying umbrella it because the rain is drizzling since morning.the game stop when it rains then resumed when it stop  unfortunately the whether gave in around 11:30 am the children are so sad because "tag of war" anothere race and medal ceremony had to be cancelled. the rain was so hard  we are soaking wet even our glad the teachers decided to change the schedule last minute and let the children performed suran suran and not waited until the end. these suran suran is special to me because its kyohei's favorite these is the one he dance even when his at home.

that face  indeed his favorite

we had a memorable undoukai this year not just because we went home soaking wet but also the kids you will see how serious they are on what they are doing there sure theye have alot of good memories.looking forward next year praying to have a good whether because next year is kyohei last year of hoekyen...cross finger

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