Sunday, June 12, 2016

Wedding anniversary

my husband and i just celebrated our wedding anniversary last night i cant believe how time flawn by fast.we are on our 13th year of  being happily together with the kids.answering yes to his "will you marry me?"13 years ago was the best decision i was ever made.i never thought that my husband has already made a dinner reservation for the two of us a week before.i thought we will just celebrate with the kids this  weekend.well that is one of the many things that i love about him,"he loves to surprise me" he always so gratefull god gave me the best husband in the universe.nways   about last night im glad  my husband choose this restaurant located on the 30th floor of solamachi tokyo skytree tower.the food and ambience was amazing we had a lovely dinning experience.
 we had pre-dinner wine and  three course meal. with complementary bread flow.
cheers for our 13th years of togetherness.thank you for always making me feel  special my love.
ilove you to the moon and further.
"carpaccio de poisson du jour" for starter was heavenly delish.
followed by "soup of the day" which is rich beef broth.i love how rich and flavorfull this soup despite of how simple it may look.its surpricingly deliciouss and comforting.
"filet de boeuf de saga" for the main dish what can i say you can never go wrong with the japanese A5 rank tender and yum
enjoying dinner overlooking beautifull skytree tower while talking sweet nothings with my date.
"dissert" with coffee or tea. we had wonderfull dinner and nice evening overall. i will recommend this restaurant for those whos looking for a romantic ambience restaurant and serves great food as well.but not for the family with little kids tho the're not accepting kids for dinner time.
after that filling dinner we still had time to stroll around skytree took selfie.and bought some pasalubong for the kids. before we went back home. thank you my darling husband for tonight another one for the book....

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