Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Kyohei's Magical 5fth Birthday At Tokyo Disneyland

My baby love turns 5.it becomes a yearly tradition to us to celebrate his birthday at tokyo disneyland.its started on his first birthday that we celebrated also in here.we are so touch when saw the happiness on his face the first time he saw mickey mouse and all of the other character made us decide that we wouldnt celebrate his birthday unless here."THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH"looking forward for a whole day of fun and magical birthday experience.the kids woke up early (excitement i wish they could be early to even on a regular school days)its only 45 mnts drive to get to disney from our house.we want to be there 8:30am before the gates open.hubby bought Eticket a night before to save us for doing so when we get there.

1st tip:buy disney's ETicket ahead of your visit it will save you an hour lining up to buy ticket at the gates. before we head to disney we stop at one of the family restaurant that serve breakfast near us.you know the kids may intend to be so excited when we get there.and loose there appetite i dont want them empthy stomach eating only caramel popcorn until lunch.

(japanese ka nga anak aga aga odon ang tira eh!)while kami is rice agad agad "heavy brekky"

after that filling breakfast we headed off to disney got there at exactly 8:am look at that long line  of disney lover waiting for the gate to open so that they can buy ticket.since we already have we are at the opposite side.

stepping into disneyland is like stepping into another world. a world without stress, a world where you can be kids again thats the magic of disneyland.we are so lucky the wheather is sunny and warm outside.

lets go and have fun today sign with the kids my husband is now waiting in line to get us "fast pass" for pooh's hunny hunt attraction. second tip get fast past this is system that let you minimize the amount of time waiting in the line for a certain attraction.

we waited 20 minutes carrybels na fave ng kiddos.

we had fun up in this tree house i wish i have one to.
complementary birthday button you can get them from staff there everywhere just ask them and they happily write your name,this is one of the reason kyohei love celebrating his birthday here it make's his birthday feels more special,every employee wished him a happiest of birthday.he cheerfully say's thank you to all of them.he wore his button all day.
grand circuit raceway boy's love this attraction so much we rode three times in one day."fasten your seat belt"
tea cup shape vendor machine so cute
even the rubbish bins is so cute.look at this mickey themed disney train.all the windows are shaped of mickey's head super cute.
i want to ride big thunder mountain.but dismayed when we saw the 80 mnts waiting time.the fast pass ticketing machine is already close for the day. maybe next year.we went at toon town "gadget's go coaster" instead
it was short yet fun roller coaster ride
then we went for a shopping break.we enjoyed window shopping on many store's inside.birthday boy spotted donald and mickey's kiddie bag that can be used as a wallet to.he wants them both he said because donald and mickey is friend's nice try baby. but you only need one wallet ok! 10 mnts of thingking whos to keep.he finally choose donald over mickey.
back to toontown at mickey mouse house we waited 50mnts (carrybels again) kids want to meet and have picture with him.
pluto shape grass (chu chu's) outside cute
time for some waffle break before hitting another ride.im always looking forward to eat mickey's head shape waffles theres so good.the cafe itself is dedicated to mickey mouse.
you should try this waffle on your next visit at disney highly recommend.
"monster inc"first time to try this attraction and were are hooked
monster inc goodies.
Pirates of the Caribbean.the kids all time favorite ride.
happy kids. we had dinner at this cosy and romantic vibe restaurant called "blue bayou"(reservation needed)
were lucky we seated near the water.we have the pleasure of watching the people riding on a boat from pirates of the carribean attraction,while enjoying our dinner
we had dinner course for two.and kiddie dinner plate for the boy's.with the complimentary flow of bread and butter for four of us.lafang to death na hey were bread lover.we took advantage of the bread flow.(naka limang order lang naman ako)they have the most delish freshly baked bread.and ow! did i tell you that we also enjoyed there complimentary drinks flow?
the steak is super delish serve in wasabi sauce
everything is delicious and fresh from veggies to meat to dissert.i highly highly recommend this restaurant we had a lovely and filling dinner worth every peny.we will definitely eat hear again at some point.i guess we ate to slow we didnt make it on time to watch the "electrical dreamlight" night time parade. but the projection mapping at the cinderella castle is still ongoing i took a short video.since the kids shows no interest of watching them i went shopping for some  cute disney tea cups to end our day
.my son had a blast on his birthday we love seeing him so happy and feel special on his birthday.disneyland is indeed the happiest place on earth.

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