Sunday, July 10, 2016


my two son`s were out for there sleepover events last eldest on his best friends birthday sleepover party. while  my youngest was on his kindergarden summer event which is sleepover and doing some fun things with his classmates.his so excited for his new experience kyohei told me they were divided in two groups.giraffe group and sunflower group.his on giraffe group they were assign to buy groceries. there gone until tommorow morning so it means me and my darling husband has all the time in the world for our own event to right. yahoooo.its was raining since dawn we are so lucky that the rain had stop by the afternoon the wheather loves us to.
my husband plan this date night he likes it to be like a boyfriend and girlfriend type of date. (kilig) we watch movie (independence day) its been a while since we watched movie together alone (excited).unfortunately we stuck into traffic we made it in time before the movie had started but its already dark inside i cant toke a selfie of us.but you know me.i manage to toke photo of my popcorn.
                                                                                                                                                                                        after movie we went straight ahead to the restaurant that my husband got our dinner reservation.ahh! he  never fails to amaze me i fell inlove with the place.its a small french restaurant called 'restaurant vive le soleil'located on a wedding village called 'wedding anniversaire'at tokyo has a few boutique's all wedding gown's and wedding necessities and small church for a wedding ceremony venue.
we had six course meal with complementary bread flow and two glasses of your beverage of choice.of course red wine for me hubby cant drink alcohol cause he has to drive home after safety first right.he had ginger ale instead cheers!!!!

first they serve us raw ham it was divine.
followed by second appetizer crab in mooselin ( i hope i got it right the menu was written in nihonngo)  in passion fruits sauce
 soup of the day after which is "green asparagus creame cold soup" they serve cold soup in summer
i love how creamy and rich this soup was you definitely taste the green asparagus.followed by fresh fish poare (again im not sure if poare was right)  with crunchy potato strips thats been deep fried sitting on top
main dish is served grilled beef with foie gras. no word can discribe how much i feel about this dish all i can say is "deliciousssss"i can eat this even until zombie apocalypse arrived
everything they served from appitizer to main dish were truely amazing.we will definitely coming back here in our future date.and now for the dissert
teramizu for him caramel choco berry for mine.serve with coffee or tea. our dining experience was memorable i will recommend this restaurant for a romantic date with hubby or boyfriend. all the staff was nice and efficient to...five thumbs up "vive le soleil"
after another few kilig chikahan with my love. we went out for a short stroll on a nearby park just a few minutes away from the restaurant "tokyo linkai coen"
selfie before we end up the night thank you for this date my love another one for the happiness book...

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